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Materials that Harbor Smoke Odors in Your Chicago Property

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Smoke in a Chicago Home Causes a Lot of Damage

SERVPRO Remedies the Effects from Smoke and Fire Damage

Almost all house fires cause smoke damage of some kind. Whether it is an isolated kitchen fire or a much larger one, SERVPRO almost always needs to treat smoke damage of some form in the aftermath of a fire. But not all materials are created equal, and some can harbor smoke much more readily than others. Knowing what materials do and don't have significant fire damage can help you to make an early guess on the costs and time that it may take to get your home smoke and damage free.
Materials that Harbor Smoke Odors. Materials that are porous, such as fabric, wood, and grout, are those that take the most fire damage from smoke in Chicago. These materials have pockets of spaces ranging from microscopic sizes to easily seen ones, inside which smoke particles can become lodged and prove difficult to remove. Even the tiniest pores in wood are vulnerable, as smoke particles are often smaller than cells or microorganisms. These are the materials that SERVPRO brings out the heavy guns for, applying advanced area foggers to get into the deepest recesses. Other tools such as CO2-based deodorizers may be used to remove smells from a concentrated area. In cases where ash and smoke damage is severe, we may also apply specific and thorough cleaning processes to rid the object or surface of its smoke fully. It may be necessary to use a pressured CO2 pellet blasting to remove charred damage from raw wood such as garage ceilings.
Materials Resistant to Smoke
The most resistant materials to smoke damage include metal, stone, and plastic. These materials are for the most part solid throughout, providing few places for smoke to latch on that cannot be quickly and easily washed. Note that for stone, cracks and molding materials can still be harbors for stray smoke particles. In some cases, laminated woods or smooth tiles can also give the same advantages, but it is much easier for these to be breached and deeply affected by the smoke.
SERVPRO of Marquette Park / West Lawn / Ford City is a locally-owned franchise of an intrnational corporation, with the tools and training necessary to fully rid your home of smoke and other signs of a fire. Call us anytime at (773) 337-3993.

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