What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

The only thing I can say about SERVPRO is: incredible job. No one could have restored this building like you all without also compromising the stock and inventory. Very grateful for you

I can’t believe that a tree would be knocked into my office building, but fortunately SERVPRO knew what to do to keep out the rain and to fix the damages entirely.

They had it cleaned up and ready for more customers before our opening time. Fast and dependable work.

My little building was still standing after the fire, but I feared that much of my furniture I was building for clients was ruined. Fortunately, through some expert attention to detail and careful work, this company actually saved the majority of it. So very pleased.

340 & 350 Highland would highly recommend your company. Thank you!

When my business suffered flood damage, I thought for sure we were going to take huge losses and encounter overwhelming repairs that might send us into bankruptcy. But thankfully, you and your team were there to help a fellow small business. So from one business owner to another…Thanks!