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Fire Damage Testimonials

Even though it was just a small fire, it seemed to leave behind a lot of reminders. Thanks to your company, we can’t even tell there ever was a fire in our house.

I didn’t anticipate needing assistance to clean up after a fire, but I’m glad my friend recommended this company.

Victor & Colton were very curious and polite :)

I had a great experience with your company, even though I was going through a difficult time after an electrical fire damaged parts of my kitchen. All companies should strive to be just like them!

Having a fire in my house was probably the most dramatic thing I have ever experienced. Hopefully I never have to do that again, but there was a bright spot in this organization that helped me clean up all the fire damage that my house had suffered. I could never have imagined a company that would be so helpful. But yours exceeded my expectations. Thanks and please keep treating all of your customers this way!

The fire department said the damage was contained to just the kitchen, but in reality it was much worse than just replacing some cabinets and repainting some walls. It was clear the damage was extensive. That’s why I relied on this company to get the repairs done right and completely. Within two weeks of hiring them I was back in my kitchen cooking my family dinner again. I hope to never experience that again. But if I do, I will know exactly who to call.