Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Soot and fire damage on a living room floor.

Another Chicago Fire

The attic fire was extinguished, but the firefighters poked holes in the ceiling as part of their efforts. The wet, blackened insulation needed bagging by SERVPRO crew members to isolate the mess as we discarded the debris, from the rest of the house.

A bare wall without drywall after a fire damage

Marquette Park Fire Damage Cleanup

A smoky oil fire in a Marquette Park garage can leave a messy residue that is also very odorous. SERVPRO technicians can clean up the coatings on this wall and then spray an odor-retardant primer to further suppress the smells, even after the use of an ozone machine. Get it down professionally and quickly, call us.

Soot and fire damage on kitchen cabinets

Fire Damage Repair In Ford City

What should you do after your property experiences a fire? You need to contact a professional restoration company like SERVPRO for assistance. We have the specialized fire cleanup and restoration experience and training to restore your property to pre-damage condition. Our technicians also have the specific equipment and training for odor removal and deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Soot and fire damage in a kitchen

Fire Damage In Ford City

The devastation left by a fire can be overwhelming for you and your family. Your home can suffer from not only smoke and fire damage but also extensive water damage due to firefighting efforts. At SERVPRO we can take care of everything! We have specialized fire damage cleanup and restoration training and experience to restore your property to pre-fire condition. Our fast response will reduce your restoration cost and prevent further damage. Contact our experts today!

Soot damage on a ceiling

Fire Damage – Chicago Kitchen

Fire damage in this Chicago kitchen produced the soot and smoke damage pictured in the photo. The fire was a small grease fire on the stove, but it produced a large quantity of smoke. We used tried and true SERVPRO products and procedures to remedy the situation.

Fire and soot damage in a bedroom

Chicago Fire in a Bedroom

This badly fire-damaged home in Chicago was the result of a tipped over space heater. Our SERVPRO crew arrived quickly to remove the charred debris. We also set up equipment to eliminate the noxious odors from the structure.

A roof with fire and soot damage with a boarded up window

Roof Fire Creates Havoc

This small rental property had a large attic fire. Our job was to secure the possessions by keeping out vermin, vandals, and bad weather. It was a crime scene, so we had to wait until the authorities completed their investigation before proceeding with the fire damage clean up.