What our Customers say...


I would recommend anyone with water damage in their home to call SERVPRO. They did a fantastic job removing all of the water after a toilet leaked upstairs. They even found where it had traveled downstairs and dried that.

The work ethic of the crew was very impressive. They consistently checked on all the machines and ensure all the water was gone from my home. 

I had a great experience with SERVPRO. The technicians were all professional and polite. Thanks for the great work!

Fantastic job getting rid of all of the mold in our home!

Recommend very highly. They did a superb job cleaning up the soot from my living room. 

The technicians that came to our home were very knowledgeable and polite. Thank you for the great service. 

I have health effects when there is mold around. Your team got to work quickly to get rid of it all and keep it from spreading.

Giving someone else access to perform water damage repairs in my home was difficult for me, to say the least. However, I was seriously impressed with the quality of work.

The only thing I can say about SERVPRO is: incredible job. No one could have restored this building like you all without also compromising the stock and inventory. Very grateful for you

With so many of my neighbors in need of restoration services after this storm, I was very happy to pass your name along for the excellent work you did on my home.

Even though it was just a small fire, it seemed to leave behind a lot of reminders. Thanks to your company, we can’t even tell there ever was a fire in our house.

That tree seemed harmless, right up until it went through my roof. This company was there so fast to help me keep a lid on how bad things could have gotten.

I can’t believe that a tree would be knocked into my office building, but fortunately SERVPRO knew what to do to keep out the rain and to fix the damages entirely.

SERVPRO did what my husband couldn’t, they got rid of the mold in my house! Thank you so much!

I didn’t anticipate needing assistance to clean up after a fire, but I’m glad my friend recommended this company.

I truly appreciate the time your technicians took to explain everything to me and the absolutely fantastic work they did.

My house seemed wrecked after the storm, but SERVPRO brought it back to life in no time at all. Very impressed.

They had it cleaned up and ready for more customers before our opening time. Fast and dependable work.

When I found the mold I knew just who to call. Thank you SERVPRO for the excellent work you do.

My roof took the worst of the storm damage, but thanks for the fast-acting nature of this company, I didn’t also have to deal with flooding.

My little building was still standing after the fire, but I feared that much of my furniture I was building for clients was ruined. Fortunately, through some expert attention to detail and careful work, this company actually saved the majority of it. So very pleased.

340 & 350 Highland would highly recommend your company. Thank you!

Victor & Colton were very curious and polite :)

Very responsive to our needs - Thank you!

Yes, I knew I had a small leak under my kitchen sink, but I didn’t think it was that bad, or that it could cause so much water damage. A big thanks for taking care of my mess.

I was disgusted when an assessor told me the home I lived in had mold growing in the attic crawl spaces. After a quick Google search, this company was the first that popped up, so I gave them a call. Excellent decision. They were wonderful to work with in a bad situation.

I had a great experience with your company, even though I was going through a difficult time after an electrical fire damaged parts of my kitchen. All companies should strive to be just like them!

I cannot believe how great a job your team did on my bathroom after a leak that had gone unnoticed for quite a bit of time caused the floor to cave in. You definitely saved the day.

Having a fire in my house was probably the most dramatic thing I have ever experienced. Hopefully I never have to do that again, but there was a bright spot in this organization that helped me clean up all the fire damage that my house had suffered. I could never have imagined a company that would be so helpful. But yours exceeded my expectations. Thanks and please keep treating all of your customers this way!

Although I would never hope anyone has mold damage as bad as mine was, it was nice to find a company that was able to get it cleaned up in a hurry. Even better was that they kept the costs low enough I didn't need to involve my insurance company. This means no higher premiums and no mold damage! Thank you, so much!

When my business suffered flood damage, I thought for sure we were going to take huge losses and encounter overwhelming repairs that might send us into bankruptcy. But thankfully, you and your team were there to help a fellow small business. So from one business owner to another…Thanks!

I could not believe my horrible luck after my washing machine broke and a pipe busted in my basement causing the room to flood. I thought I would never get that mess cleaned up or the damage fixed. Thankfully, I remembered a friend recommending this company when she dealt with a similar problem. True to their reputation they came over in a hurry and got started immediately. Now I just home to never need them again.

I had a really fantastic experience using this company when I needed help getting mold damage repaired in my home. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing the same kind of help.

The fire department said the damage was contained to just the kitchen, but in reality it was much worse than just replacing some cabinets and repainting some walls. It was clear the damage was extensive. That’s why I relied on this company to get the repairs done right and completely. Within two weeks of hiring them I was back in my kitchen cooking my family dinner again. I hope to never experience that again. But if I do, I will know exactly who to call.

So in this recent winter storm I decided not to listen and wrap up the water faucets outside my house and wouldn’t you know it that these pipes froze and then burst causing some major damage to my house. Thankfully though there was this organization that came over that day and assessed the damage. They gave me a quote that matched my homeowner insurance protection and got the job done within just a few days. I would call them again, but hopefully I won’t need to.

This company picked up on the third ring and was the most polite of any of the SERVPRO companies I called that day. It was already a horrible day with all the water damage in my bedroom, who could have guessed that my air conditioner would somehow spring a leak and cause damage to my wall, carpet, and padding. Thanks for being true professionals. I needed that!